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Paul BlackburnYES! – You Can Have It ALL!


Health, Wealth, Relationships, Happiness and Fulfilment in every aspect of your life.

But only if you get your hands on the super secret ‘Mental Toolbox’, the instruction manual that should have been issued with your brain.

People we equip with this information get what they want out of life – all of it.

They transform relationships, generate wealth beyond their wildest dreams, enjoy vibrantly good health, free flowing energy and personal excitement about their life.

Who are these folks?

Ordinary every day people you meet on the street. Good people struggling because school didn’t give them a formula for success. Nothing’s wrong with their lives, in fact they are generally pretty happy - but not much is outstandingly GREAT either.

And the best part about this “Formula For Success?” It’s worked for the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that I’ve taught it to. Not just worked a bit. It’s worked brilliantly time and time again!

FROM: Paul Blackburn
Beyond Success (because you’ll have to way past success to find happiness)

Re: Your special ticket

Enrol Now!
Dear Friend,

Imagine this:

You wake up in the morning and feel full of energy and excited about your day and then realise you have as much wealth as you need, that work is an option, you roll over and there is the absolute love of your life, thrilled to see you.

Your every action is filled with confidence because of an unshakeable belief in yourself and your mission in life.

You move through your day with ease, grace and speed, elegantly accomplishing each of your goals within the time you’d anticipated.

What would that be like?

I’m saying it could be you – sooner than you think.

You can’t have read this far without being interested in making more of your life. You are almost certain to be interested in maximising your potential – and if you are like me 25 years ago – searching for a legitimate formula for success so that you can live the life you’ve dreamed of creating.

If you’ve wanted more passion, cash flow, happiness, health and deeper relationships with less stress, more ‘flow’ and joy – I know where you are. I was there too and all the books, tapes, positive thinking, courses, advice and effort took me nowhere.

What’s the good news?

What I had to learn (in the school of hard knocks) about exuberant, unfettered success is available to you now!

Once I taught myself I began to teach others and I’m saying:

You Can Have It All!

The price of success in one part of your life is NOT mediocrity in another.

But I want you to do something for me first!

Help me raise money for charity and in return I'll spend 3 days teaching you my exact formula for getting everything out of life that you want.

For three whole days I'm going to teach you my system for getting everything you want.

This ticket (valued at $1,970 each) is yours FREE if you'll just make a relatively small (10%) donation of $197 to change the life of someone you've never met.

It's your choice - either pay the full $1,970 ticket price or just donate $197 to The Better Life Foundation and come as my guest.


Value For Money
This course represented tremendous value for money and the tools that we gained from this experience have the capability of helping us increase our productivity for anything in life. Paul and Mary are primarily interested in helping people achieve better outcomes in life, and the gifts and prizes that they gave away during the course of the week end were simply outstanding.  Well done for a very well run course.

Kim Patrick
Maroochydore, Qld

Obviously, this is an ‘underground’ event. That’s why its just you - nominated by a friend.

But here’s the catch:

Massive and decisive action is THE ONLY THING that transform ideas into goals.

Without ‘doing something’ all sorts of issues (like “life”) spring up and distract you.

So I’m doing something designed to get you past your main enemy – inertia.

And then you can spend THREE days with me training you LIVE in the formula for success, for FREE.

But you have to act NOW!

Why a free ticket?
1st Reason: We already support the Better Life Foundation by supplying office space, cash to meet its expenses and labour. We now want to help it launch on its mission to build sustainable businesses in subsistence communities in the South Pacific, give the business to that community and then supply the help, education and support to empower further growth. Your $197 donation will raise the much needed funds to get our volunteers on the ground and working.

2nd Reason
: You can change not just your life but help change thousands of lives. One village at a time. You get to work on you while supporting those working to help others less fortunate. Everyone wins.

In these times of economic uncertainty you can still do your bit. While the rest of the world slows down we can pull together and make something truly awesome happen.

So commit right now to attending the 3-day seminar that I'm going to describe below.

It doesn’t get any better than this. I've eliminated your course payment (but I do have that inexpensive request), and so all it comes down to is whether you'll back yourself or not.

And the best part?

The Mental Toolbox is that instruction book for the mind they failed to issue at birth or even tell you about at school. It will release you from the limited mindset that creates lack in your life.

Quickly, easily and with the path to success clearly laid out on a plate.

Bold claim I know – but it’s based on the thousands of people who’ve smashed their barriers to peace, happiness, health, wealth and relationship success.

This is a private and special offer from a friend of yours.
Use the code they gave you when booking.
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So… Who Is Paul Blackburn?

Here’s the true story:

In a nutshell I was born, bred and educated in a middle class family. I wasn’t abused, lost or any of the other horror stories popular in the human achievement arena…

I took the easy option and became a high schoolteacher, entering the workforce bound for an average life and proving it every day.

In our first attempt to ‘break out’ my wife and I decided we’d go into business. We went along OK but fell a long way short of our dreams. I busted my arse in that business but deep down knew there was something holding me back - and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I read what felt like every book on personal development, seemed like attended every course, apparantly listened to every tape and still couldn’t “get it” – despite their worldwide success stories.

In desperation I started studying people who were winning in their chosen field and discovered they all had the same underlying system – even though they didn’t know each other.

Once I’d identified it, I copied the system into my life and started achieving what I set out to.
(I’m not going to start bragging. If you need to see my list of achievements you are focusing on me instead of what I can do for you but if you can't help yourself... click on Track Record)

Exactly what I wanted to achieve. Repeatedly. Sometimes better than I had imagined.

Of course I started telling my mates – I was so excited they heard it whether they wanted to or not.

So I hit upon the simplest of plans.

1.    Identify the elements of success
2.    Teach them to a complete novice.
3.    Watch what happened.
4.    If they could reproduce success, try it on a group.
5.    If the group could do it too… repetitively…
6.    Put it in the system.

That system is known today as The Mental Toolbox. Three days of strategies we know work for anyone who applies them. No rah, rah, high fives, yeehaa’s or back slapping. No bullshit.

What’s the secret?

You Are Subconsciously Creating The Circumstances Of Your Life!

Your ‘inside reality’ creates your outside world or life.

When you know how to reprogram your subconscious beliefs you can change anything in your world. Results are just what happen when your subconscious system operates.

Couple all of that with healing the emotional blockages to success and you have my fusion of science and common sense known by the deceptively simple name of The Mental Toolbox.

Life Transforming
Thankyou for the epiphany that what I learn along the journey is more important than reaching the goals themselves.  Awesome life transforming weekend.  Thanks again.

Wai-Lean Sew Hoy

Sydney, NSW

Not knowing about The Mental toolbox stops everybody from getting all the health, relationships, wealth, fulfilment and passion they want.

Maybe you too.

Thanks for the breakthrough on Saturday.  
I got rid of the 2 things I spotted that were blocked for me while doing the homework you gave me at the preview 2 weeks ago!!  A fabulous result for me.
Christine Bolar

Sydney, NSW

Life Purpose
Words can't really express how grateful I am that you’re here and you do what you do and I got to be a part of that this weekend.  I finally know what my real purpose in life is – that's huge for me.  I now have an internal compass that will always show me the way towards being the person I'm becoming. Having my husband turn back into the man I married all those years ago is such a miracle. I bless the day we decided to attend the Mental Toolbox.

Danielle Butters

Sydney, NSW


For me the best part was your presentation style, quiet, clear, understated and yet profound.  And the humor!! Deeply moving and easily understandable.  I came away changed and vaguely wondering how you did it. Awesome life transforming weekend.  Thanks again.

Ian Harris

Melbourne, Vic


I've Got It All
My husband dragged me along kicking and screaming.  Now I feel energised, confident to move into new ventures and have deepened my connection with him. We've also transformed our business in the six weeks since the Mental Toolbox and tripled the profits while working less! 

Lana McKenzie

Sydney, NSW

And that’s just a few among the hundreds of thousands we have on file.

REVEALED: The Owners Manual For The Mind.

Without it – life is an experiment being run by the lab monkeys.

All those dreams and unreached goals - the passionate love affair that lasts a lifetime, abundant cash flow, joyful exuberant health and vitality, a sense of purpose and contribution - need a system that delivers them out of the creation stage and into concrete reality in our day to day lives.

It’s not your fault if these goals are still as far away as ever, but it is your responsibility to find out how to make them happen – and happen soon!

When you can:
1.    Unblock yourself by gently and easily healing the past damage and
2.    Follow a proven system to create the life of your dreams,

You are empowered to make your life into the adventure that it was meant to be. Without those two skills, repeating old pattrens is a dead set certainty.

If you’ve ever:

•    Bought a 12 month gym membership and attended the whole first three weeks…
•    Dreamed about how you’d spend your winnings from lotto,
•    Started on yet another diet hopeful and desperate,
•    Found yourself resenting someone else’s personal victory,
•    Thought you “just weren’t cut out for this relationships stuff”,
•    Folded over and not spoken your pinion in a crowd for fear of messing it up,
•    Not applied for a job promotion because of the fear of reaction,
•    Avoided speaking at a gathering,
•    Realised you can’t afford that urgently needed holiday,
•    Soldiered on hoping that hard work really is the secret ingredient,
•    Disliked someone because they are truly happy,
•    Felt like life is hard work and not much fun – except for others,
•    Wished you were luckier in love, finances, relationships, body image,
•    Shrunk back from taking the glory because of what others might think,

Then you’ll know what the words self-sabotage really mean.

Those two simple concepts – stop the self sabotage and re-program your subconscious beliefs are the basis of changing your destiny.

It’s all I had to do.

It’s all anyone I’ve ever taught, coached or mentored has had to do.


Amazing Value
Thankyou for the weekend.  I have done many other courses and found this to be up there with the best I have spent many thousands for.

Michael Aptheape

Sydney, NSW

Perhaps the most exciting part of this whole program is that it’s so easy to do!

Small breakthroughs in these two key areas mean that:

•    Miracles and magic turn up in your financial life. You’ll find yourself saying: “It all turned out better than I imagined”.

•    Energy and excitement for life naturally wells up inside you.

•    Relationships simply start to “work” with little or no ‘new’ effort.

•    Success shows up as a matter of course in all your activities.

I teach many programs (some internationally and others ‘in house’ for corporations) but The Mental Toolbox is unique because it is the ONLY ONE designed specifically to both ‘unblock’ and ‘reprogram’ the subconscious.

Like I said, there’s no hype and especially there’s no bullshit.

Just plain, simple to use, devastatingly effective, technique after technique, process after process, exercise after exercise, that leave you equipped to turn your potential into REAL RESULTS.

Expect to experience our mission statement.

“Transformational and Inspirational Training”.

That’s right – you’ll be transformed and inspired. Nothing less is worthy of you or us.

Radical transformation means that I’ll expect plenty from you. I want your attention, your willingness for change, your commitment to ‘getting it’, your determination that you’ll be different from here on in.

But - it will be a challenge!

You’ll be stretched so far out of shape you won’t return.

Expect your physical, mental and emotional world to swirl around and reassemble into a coherent, cohesive and unified rock that you can spring from - with confidence and assurance.

You’ll find your own source of inner power. The kind of quiet confidence that allows you to take responsibility for your life and drive it forward, notching goals onto your belt as you go.

And me?

I’ll be there every minute of the three days, coaching, teaching, mentoring you every step of the way. So will my highly trained team. They’ll even be there to help every minute of the breaks.

You’ll come to see the truth of your dreams and their possibility.

You’ll be empowered, revitalised and ready to take your life by the scruff of the neck.

I promise you that can’t stay in the room with my team and me for three days and stay the same because I’ll be aiming at the very core of WHO YOU ARE! 

If it’s time for you transform and reach your full potential,

If it’s time for you to convert your health and fitness to unheard of levels,

If it’s time for you to reap the joy of being alive,

If its time for you to finally start making a motza,

If it’s time for you to feel what you want, when you want,

If it’s time for you to get the juice out of life,

Then This Really Is, THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!

This is a private and special offer from a friend of yours.
Use the code they gave you when booking.
Just click on Register here or at the top of this page.

But like any truly transformational exercise – that will all be the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll also discover:

•    How to communicate with ease, grace and absolute clarity,
•    My secret formula for business success – the one that guarantees I make money in every venture I undertake,
•    What to do to gain enough confidence to speak in front of a group AND still be able to think on your feet,
•    Why it’s possible to hit a target and bounce straight off it to the next level up,
•    How to put together a supportive group of equals – a master mind,
•    What to do to turn negative situations around,
•    The secrets in stopping self sabotage – dead in its tracks,
•    Breakthrough techniques for changing subconscious programs,
•    The link between setting and achieving goals that makes them possible or impossible,
•    How to become resourceful instead of using resources.


More Money in Less Time
I came along wanting to make more money in less time and not really thinking it was possible - it is happening already!  Just a few weeks and I have as many cutomers at $100 an hour as I want, along with a healthy waiting list. This program is fantastic and I am compelled to be a part of it. 

Russel Joseph

Perth, WA


Upcoming Dates


18th – 20th March             

19th – 21st August



15th – 17th April               

2nd – 4th   September



13th – 15th May          

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Intro Night 14th March 7-9pm

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Intro Night 5th September 7-9pm

7th – 9th October


Mt Gambier                                   

Intro Night 6th September 7-9pm

21st – 23rd October



Intro Night 10th October 7-9pm

4th – 6th November



Intro Night 25th October 7-9pm

18th – 20th November


You'll also discover...

•    The formula for success that master practitioners of life use over and over to get their results,
•    The real reason why goal setting is a waste of time,
•    What leverage is and how to use it to multiply your results by a factor of 2, 3, 5, or 10,
•    How to extend your life expectancy by up to 10 years,
•    A cutting edge technique for stoping self sabotage dead in its tracks,
•    What to do to generate momentum for your personal projects,
•    How to end procrastination forever,
•    Communication skills that will ensure that you are always understood,
•    Mental processes for maintaining a continuous positive state of mind,
•    Emotional healing techniques that allow you to banish bad old stuff and move on.


I've Got It All
I wanted to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for giving me the truly life changing experience called the Mental Toolbox.  I think you have saved my sanity, and probably my relationships too!  Im now less scared to approach change. Bring on life! Im ready for it! Thankyou once again for giving your time, energy , emotions and what feels like a part of your souls.  You are truly angels.  

Leisa Zoeller

Sydney, NSW

And you'll also learn...

•    How to achieve true balance in your life,
•    What to do to ensure you are supported by those around you in reaching your goals and targets,
•    How to become absolutely debt free in 5 years, including your house and car,
•    What the three secrets to modern cash pumping businesses are,
•    Why you can be wealthier quicker now than at any other time in history,
•    How to permanently change a habit (like smoking, nail biting),
•    What to do to unleash an avalanche of enthusiasm into your day to day life,
•    The exercise that will change your life for the better in just one sit down meeting with yourself,
•    What to do to keep the Mental Toolbox viable, fresh and exciting 20 years from now


Annual Report
A year down the track and I'm unrecognisable. I am happy at a level I didn't know existed before the Mental Toolbox, I make huge amounts of money working like I'm on holidays, I've met and married the girl of my dreams and lost 28 kilos that I'm sure I wont find again. You guys rock! So do I now! 

Stuart James

Sydney, NSW


You'll also discover...

•    What clarifies your decisions and what doesn’t,
•    Why patterns repeat over and over despite your best efforts to be different (until now),
•    How to stop those ugly repetitive behaviours!,
•    What to do to replace negative feelings thoughts or actions – easily,
•    How to build your own mastermind group of fanatical supporters,
•    What to do with blame,
•    How to develop an inner core of peace and tranquilly,
•    Why Einstein was right when he said: “genius is not born but created”,


One Hour's Lesons
You inspired me to 'have a go' at life and what a delight it has turned out to be. I've used three simple concepts you taught in less than an hour to break above $200,000 a year, talk my best friend through a suicidal episode and get myself to the gym regularly - at last. I love my life thanks to you.  

Jane McNoughton


You'll learn...

•    The two critical steps you must take before setting a goal can work,
•    The goal REACHING secret that makes them so much more achievable,
•    The role emotion plays in preventing or powering your goal,
•    Who has the secret to getting what you want,
•    The simple formula that when applied, makes success automatic – regardless of the field,
•    Why the Buddhists insist that breathing is at the bottom of all success,
•    How to overcome fear in a step by step manner,
•    What to do with all debilitating emotions,
•    Where joy and happiness actually live (there is a place in your body!)

... and so much more!

If you want it all, abundance in money, friendships, happiness and health – then this is the one program you MUST ATTEND.


This is a private and special offer from a friend of yours.
Use the code they gave you when booking.
Just click on Register here or at the top of this page.

Life is not about how many brains you got, what chances you took, who you met, what career you pursued or how hard you worked (in fact hard work is one of the big lies)

Success in life is actually about having the right information about success itself.

The wrong formula will NEVER yield the right result.

Simple really.

Let me explain what I mean...

Imagine training for the 100 meter dash at the Olympics.
You put in and put in and put in and become competitive.
Then the day before the big event we point out that there is a 20Kg weight on your back.
You take that weight off.
Would you immediately run faster?

The Mental Toolbox is like that. It removes weights (we call them blockages) and replaces them with speed generating techniques that just makes you more effective.


Been There Done That
I've done them all - those courses that promise the world, cost megabucks and deliver an atlas. You guys are the real deal. Honest, workable techniques that are easy to apply and logical in their intent. Sure I make more money now but who cares compared to the happiness I feel moment by moment every day?!  

Janice Perrents

Sydney, NSW

Thirty Five Kilos Gone
Over 20 years of trying without success to lose the weight that made me feel like I didn't belong anywhere or deserve any success evaporated in those three days last year. I'm now 35 kilograms lighter, fit for the first time in my memory and springing into each day with a smile on my face. I cannot  tell you how much that is worth to me. To at last be the example to my kids that I'd longed and hoped for is what puts the smile on my face when I fall asleep each night. You probably hear it all the time but from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

Robert Hatfield


If you are like me – by now all I wanted to know was “how much” because I couldn’t get in quick enough.

As you’ll see on our website The Mental Toolbox investment is $1,970 and when you consider the life changing material it contains – its cheap at that level.

What’s the difference between this and everything else out there?

1.    You’ll be learning cutting edge technology.
2.    Its full of useable tools that don’t have weird names,
3.    The techniques are simple, easy to use and they WORK big time,
4.    There’ll be no hoopla, razzmatazz, high fives and big up-sell to the next ‘thing you cant live without’,
5.    You’ll hear it in an aussie accent.

We’ve had more breakthroughs in psychology in the last 5 years than in the previous century.

If you’ve noticed the change from vinyl to tape to CD to iPod over the past 30 years you’ll know that technologies become obsolete faster now that ever. It’s the same with personal achievement.

What we know now - makes what we knew 5 or 10 years ago dinosaur material.

And who wants to go the way of the dinosaurs?

Working smarter instead of harder has never been easier – or faster.

In just 3 days we can teach you more (achievement psychology) than you’ve learned so far in your entire life.
Permanent personal change is now just days or hours away.

Think about it this way.
Thoughts create feelings,
Feelings create actions,
Actions create results.

Shorten it.

Thoughts create results.

It’s not just the latest technologies we have that will create your new life. It’s also going to be a result of a change in thinking.

That change in thinking stays forever.

Thinking like a champion isn’t difficult when you do it habitually. And champions all talk about mindset as the ‘key’.

That’s why I’m more turned on by this program than I was 25 years ago.

It’s such a blast to be able to turn lives around. You see, I’m going to be there helping you reprogram the subconscious blockages to success that have been holding you back.

Because these blocks are in at such a deep level, they affect every aspect of your life – so when we get them out of the way – you are going to leap forward like a missile.

You’ll simply become a laser-guided goal achieving mechanism.

You’ll start to live this one…
“Anything you can dream and believe – you can achieve”.

Your life’s desires will become true.

I'm happy, healthy, (newly) wealthy and in love
All the books I've read, tapes I've listened to and courses I've attended pale into insignificance beside the glow of your wisdom. I now attend the Mental Toolbox every time it comes to town because my results speak for themselves. I'm happy, healthy, (newly) wealthy and in love. Perhaps I'd have made it anyway, but I have you to thank for saving me the years in the wilderness. 

Jana Liess


What would that be worth in dollars??!!!

Imagine your relationships working so well that they were constantly lifting you to your best.

Imagine being not just happy but completely fulfilled.

Imagine vibrant, radiant, vitality, energy and strength – exuberant health.

Imagine a complete abundance of money – not just now but money FLOW, continuous and passive.

Imagine knowing that anything you wanted to tackle would fold in front of the onslaught you could bring to it.

Imagine planning for as much adventure as you could handle in a year.

Imagine making a contribution to the wellbeing of your fellow man that inspired you.

Imagine leaping out of bed with energy and enthusiasm, ready to embrace your day (life) fully.

Imagine travelling wherever and whenever you wanted.

Imagine helping others because you can.

At The Mental Toolbox I’m going to teach you what has transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

To take advantage of this special event you NEED to use the special order link on this page.

(Remember, $1,970’s worth for 10% of that AND the profits go to our not for profit business The Better Life Foundation, check it out at

BUTyou have to act now.


Because we ‘sell out’ all the time. If you want those changes in your fun, family, and fiscal life, you must take action NOW.

You'd make a living as a comedian but please stay teaching this extraordinary life changing stuff. The world needs you!

Jarrod Leighton

Sydney, NSW


My Report Card After 18 Months
1. My kids and I are on the same page -  previously a dream.  2. Income doubled in the first six months, then doubled again.  3. Down to working 4 days a week with 3 in sight. (No loss of income)  4. Wife happy - we'd discussed divorce. 5. Ten kilos of ugly fat gone for good.  6. First triathalon completed.
I think I'll keep at it. Thanks a million guys.

John Bentley
Perth WA

I Implore You To Join Me At The Mental Toolbox

But there are some provisos. You have to agree that:

•    The biggest hurdle you have to jump on your way to success is the one you cross when you overcome yourself.

•    Mindset is not the main thing; it’s the only thing.

•    You’ll have to ‘change’ to get what you want. If ‘how you are now’ were working, you’d already have reached your goals.

•    You have created (manifested) everything in your life. If you are unwilling to accept ‘personal responsibility’ stop now and go to the beach.

•    Blame is for losers.

•    You choose how you feel. Your emotions do not hijack you even though that’s what you were taught.

•    Success is a science. Luck is for losers.

•    What you believe is what you get. Change your beliefs – change what you get.

•    “That course didn’t do anything for me”, won’t cut it at The Mental Toolbox – don’t come unless you commit to ‘getting it’.

We are dedicated to changing the world by:
Bringing these latest technologies for personal and professional change out into the open,
Empowering individuals to reach their potential and
Making a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves (
Will you join us?

Paul Blackburn CEO

Beyond Success

P.S. If others can (and they have) then so can you!

P.P.S. Donate to our cause and you’ll come for FREE and not just change your life but the lives of thousands of others through your generosity.

This is a private and special offer from a friend of yours.
Use the code they gave you when booking.
Just click on Register here or at the top of this page.